5-Star Water for 5-Star Hotels

Riggs Eckelberry reports weekly on issues facing the water industry. Here, he discusses how ultra clean water offers a unique selling proposition for struggling hotels. To hear, watch, and chat with Riggs live, sign up by clicking HERE.

“They’re not filling the beds. This is what has happened in New York City. 60% of the hotels are dark. They’ve closed it. Something even as large and powerful as the Hilton in Times Square has turned the keys over to the lenders. They’re not going to be able to reopen.

That’s what Paul Fetscher told us, a restaurant expert in the middle of New York, which was ground zero of the real estate implosion, when he came on our CEO Briefing in late 2020.

Fast forward to today, and hotels are learning that recovery requires continued vigilance on health safety.

Viruses in the water?

The reality is, if you’re going to travel, you want to go to a hotel that has incredible water, because guess what? Viruses live in water, right? And we know sewage can spread disease…

The hotel industry needs every angle it can get and having clean water at every faucet is one of them!

Want someone to stay in your hotel?

More from Paul…

People are more concerned about their environment than ever before. If they’re going to go sleep on another strange pillow, they want to make sure that things are as pure as they can be. We have people putting in HEPA filters that couldn’t spell HEPA six months ago, seven months ago, but now can. That’s part of what’s happening.

These folks that are in that industry, they’ve got to watch every single nickel and dime. The ones who get aged, what happens to all the crud you’re putting into your pipes and the calcification that takes place from the hard water? Can we eliminate that? How about the purity of what you were delivering to the guests? And do you think that becomes a differentiating factor, unique selling proposition when you want someone to stay in your hotel tonight as opposed to the guy down the street?

Especially in the wake of COVID, that couldn’t be more true. That’s where OriginClear comes in.

Filtered water at every faucet.

We have a really amazing prestige client in the hotel industry. What we’re doing is going to help make sure the entire hotel has incredibly clean, beautiful, filtered water everywhere. You’ll be able to drink water out of any faucet anywhere in the building. It will be better than any bottled water you could buy, any reverse osmosis that you could have in your house or out of your refrigerator. This is the water that goes in your food, in your shower…

It’s 5-star water for 5-star hotels. That unique selling proposition could be the difference between a shuttered hotel and a flourishing hotel. And for the guests, it means peace of mind.

Improving lives.

We keep discovering more and more ways to help companies and individuals do well. We’re really very proud of that. It’s opened our eyes to the many ways that we can improve people’s lives.

And we know this is just the beginning…

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Yours In Water,

Riggs Eckelberry
President & CEO
OriginClear, Inc.

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As infrastructure continues to fail, CEO Riggs Eckelberry reports on the Second Water Revolution, and how OriginClear is pioneering the new decentralization.

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OriginClear - Water On Demand™

As infrastructure continues to fail, CEO Riggs Eckelberry reports on the Second Water Revolution, and how OriginClear is pioneering the new decentralization.